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Elite Spinet Piano 25-key (White)
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Schoenhut Toy Pianos

If you want to help your children in their growth and development, I recommend that you think of buying a musical instrument. Musical instruments, such as schoenhut toy pianos, are great tools for encouraging children have an enriching development. Not only will toy pianos help children develop a good musical sense, but children also get a good overall mental exercise. Learning to play a musical instrument also helps in promoting the creativity in children and it also helps them boost their self-confidence. This self-confidence enables children to better interact with society.

If you search online, you will find a variety of toy pianos, from tiny ones that are made for toddlers to the multi-octave spinets which are just like professionally designed pianos. However you might be think, why buy a toy piano and not any other musical instrument? What is so special about toy pianos that will teach children to be creative and socially active?

It is a common perception that if a child is able to learn and play a piano, they have the capability of demonstrating his or her skill to others. This same confidence (created by perfecting the skill) gives the same child the ability to stand in front of an audience and give any type of presentation. Can you imagine the typical pressure a child encounters when they stand in from of people to perform? A child who has a skill, and has perfected it over time, has enough boldness to present an argument in front of an audience and can therefore easily stand out among his age mates. This is definitely a really important social skill that is unfortunately not taught properly in our school education.

Piano playing is also great for developing a child's motor skills. The hand-eye relationship becomes stronger while playing toy pianos. This gives a child the capability to enhance their coordination while they play, and can therefore easily participate in other extra curricular activies such as sports that require a higher level of motor skills. This is why it is very important for any parent to introduce children to learning how to play a piano. This could be a life changer for any child!

When a child learns to play the piano, their sense of creativity is also enhanced. Creative development in a child is one of the most important part of his or her overall development. Studies have shown that children like to play those sounds that they have created themselves. So, if you will let your child experiment with toy pianos, he or she will develop creativity at a significantly faster rate than other children. This creativity, as described above, will help your child to grow properly and become a successful person in life. Even if a child doesn’t know how to play toy pianos, he will surely make some 'noises' by playing different keys. These 'noises' have a specific tone which which a child can get accustomed to. This really develops the creative side of the brain in a child.

When looking for at toy pianos for your child, you need to pay attention to the ones that look and sound like real pianos. The problem with many toy pianos is that they generally the keys do not produce consistent sounds. In case of the more realistic Schoenhut Toy Pianos, a child will be able to produce the same sound again and again from the same key. This will help the child learn to memorize and get accustomed to the different sounds produced by different keys.

If you have sensed your child’s love for music, then it is vital that you introduce him or her to Schoenhut Toy Pianos. They will learn how to play a piano and make beautiful music. This skill will eventually enrich their growth and let them develop good mental and creative skills. Also, the main advantage of using a toy piano is the fact that the cost is cheaper than the cost of getting the real thing.

Are you looking at buying a toy piano for your child? If you are, then one of the best ways to bring music in your house is for you to consider buying one of the pianos offerebd by Schoenhut Toy Pianos. These pianos have over many years and decades provided lots of musical delight to professional musicians, children, and collectors. Founded by Albert Schoenhut in 1872, Schoenhut Toy Pianos has continually provided wonderful and high quality toy pianos that are simply incomparable and unmatched in the toy industry. Since its beginnings in 1872, Schoenhut Toy Pianos has received numerous recognitions and awards. Each of its highly crafted toy pianos have been uniquely built and designed for the budding young musician. These pianos are not just replicas of the real thing, these are authentic musical instruments! Simply put, these pianos are as good as the bigger pianos with the exception of their size. They have been custom built to fit children. They are also extremely durable and are very long lasting.

My Toy Pianos prides itself in being a Schoenhut Toy Pianos certified reseller. All the pianos that we carry have the manufacturer warranty on them. We specifically carry all of the products that Schoenhut Toy Pianos carries.

So I guess the big question is this. Why do we sell Schoenhut Toy Pianos? As noted above, do you realize that scientific studies have shown that children who are exposed to music at an early age generally out perform other children academically? Piano playing is well known for promoting early childhood development. When you teach a child to play a toy piano at an early age, the acquired skill promotes a child’s fine motor skills and creativity. Also, when a child plays a toy piano, it helps them cultivate a desire and passion for music while they are still young.

There are many ways that parents utilize us to enhance learning in their children. Technological advancements enable parents to teach their children in ways one could not have dreamt off before. However, there is one way that can never change and that cannot be over emphasized enough. That is introducing your children to music and piano playing! As you may know, toy pianos are cheaper as compared to the price of regular sized pianos. Therefore, yOu cannot go wrong when you buy a toy piano for your child. You just never know, may be your child may be the next Mozart or the next famous pianist that will grace the world. However, since it is a process to discovering your child’s gifting, a toy piano can make that process more fun and less expensive.

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